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2019/14 mdbbootstrap Theme [34] on 10 May 2020

The theme on user demand, abandoned

Created: October 2019

inspired by free mdbootstrap version

created: October 2019


2019/05 Creative Boostrap4 on 18 May 2020

In development

Author: Jimako
Author site: https://www.e107sk.com/
Category: business
Description: Free multipage portfolio theme based on one-page Freelancer portfolio theme created by Start Bootstrap
Demo:  https://startbootstrap.com/themes/creative/
Source code: https://github.com/Jimmi08/e107-free-themes-by-e107sk/tree/master/creative
Needed core plugins: -
Needed Non Core Plugins:  jmcore, jmelements, jmtheme
License: e107 GPL, Startbootstrap part MIT



e107 Core Theme version  Note
2.2.1 Official Release   not available
2.2.2 (2.3.0 GitHub from 17.3.) 1.2.0 
2.3.0 beta in progress

2017/06 Agency 2 Theme [11] on 10 May 2020

Theme for e107Inc

Created: 12/2017
Last check: 05/2020
Added to update todo list 
Preview Responsive

2016/04 Freelancer [4] on 10 May 2020

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