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Sunday 18 August 2019

Stuff related to users, user groups and roles

User Data on 26 Apr 2020

How to get user Data

Example from old plugin

$sql5 = new db;
  $sql5->mySQLresult = @mysql_query("select * from ".MPREFIX."user where user_id='".intval($row4['news_com_author'])."';");
  $row5 = $sql5->db_fetch();
  $newscomauthor = $row5['user_name'];


$row5 = e107::user(intval($row4['news_com_author']));
  $newscomauthor = $row5['user_name'];
Official documentation:
$userData = e107::user(); // Example - currently logged in user. 
$userData = e107::user(5); // Example  User ID #5.

function getperms() - listing available admin permissions on 30 Jul 2018

to understand how to set permissions in administra[...]

list was made mainly for creating custom plugin
1 - Access to Preferences
2 - Access to Menu Manager
3 - Access to Administrators
4 - Manage all User, Userclass and Extended User-Field settings
U0 - Access to Banlist
U1 - Quick Add User)
U2 - User Options
U3 - >User Ranks
5 - Pages/Menus
6 - Access to Media Manager
A  - Access to Media Manager (All)
A1 - Access to Media Manager (Upload/Import)
A2 - Media Manager (Categories)
8 - Access Oversee link categories
9 - Access to Maintenance
B - Access to Comments Manager
C - Access to Cache
F - Access to Emoticons
G - Access to Front Page
H - Access to News
H0 - News (Create)
H1 - News (Edit)
H2 - News (Delete)
H3 - News (Category - Create)
H4 - News (Category - Edit)
H5 - News (Category - Delete
I - Site Links
J - Pages/Menus
K - Access URL Configuration
L - Access to Language
M - Access to Welcome Message
N - News (Submitted)
O - Access to Notify
P - Access to Plugin Administration
S - Access to System Logs
T - Access to Meta Tags
U - Access to Schedule Tasks
V - Access to Manage/upload files
W - Access to Mail
X - Access to Search
Y - Access to Plugin Manager
Z - Access to File Inspector

User classes constants on 30 Nov 1999

Userclass names versus numbers saved in database

What e_UC_PUBLIC and similar constants mean and what value is saved in database
e_UC_ADMINMOD 249 Admins (includes main admins)
e_UC_MODS248 Moderators (who aren't admins)
e_UC_NEWUSER 247Users in 'probationary' period
e_UC_BOTS246Reserved to identify search bots
e_UC_SPECIAL_BASE243Assign class IDs 243 and above for fixed/special purposes
e_UC_SPECIAL_END255Highest 'special' class
// 243..245 reserved for future predefined user classes

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