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Comments system

Using integrated comment system for custom plugin

Plugin manager on 01 Aug 2018

How to install/upgrade plugin from other plugin an[...]

How to install/upgrade plugin from other plugin and not Plugin manager. URLs for running Plugin man[...] URL for remote install plugin (example - plugin name=gsitemap:)

$url = e_ADMIN."plugin.php?mode=installed&action=install&id=gsitemap";

URL for remote upgrade plugin (example - plugin name=gsitemap:)

$url = e_ADMIN."plugin.php?mode=installed&action=upgrade&id=gsitemap";

Shortcut to generate plugin.xml via builder [folder must exists]

$url = e_ADMIN_ABS.plugin.php?build=&action=build&mode=create&newplugin=testplugin&createFiles=1&step=3

for only display [folder doesn't need to exist]:

$url = e_ADMIN_ABS.plugin.php?build=&action=build&mode=create&newplugin=testplugin&step=3

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