History of this theme

Author of this theme:  Fizi 

You really should check his theme. And help him with donation. If you want unique themes for e107, this is the right guy. 

This theme was released in 02/2017. It was first free theme for News portal created for version 2.  

With kindly Fizi's permission we created demo for this theme.  You can see theme in action here

Features of this theme:

  • 4 theme layouts: homepage, full width, extended news, 3 columns
  • 10 different layouts for news grid, each category could have different layout
  • support for plugins:  gallery, rss_menu, social, banner, pm, chatbox_menu, featurebox, forum, poll, hits
  • 4 footer areas
  • quick news for sticky news on homepage  (called boostrap newsticker)
  • featured news for latest 4 news on top  (called boostrap features top) regardless category
  • 2 navigation areas:  standard and custom from news categories
  • 3 tabbed menu for latest, popular news and latest comments
  • support for 3 different banner sizes
  • and more we haven't able to discover yet

Future of this theme:

Together with Magazine 02 it's great base for any future Magazine theme. 

Only problem is that you can't install demo content and it's hard to get the same look manually.

Fizi's theme is very easy to understand, to change and customize almost anything.  It's not full of not needed things like when you are porting html theme.