History of Relive theme 

Relive theme is originally WordPress theme by TeslaThemes.   

I bought Lifetime Developer licence sometimes in 2015,  what means that I can do with those themes what I want (confirmed by their team now, I can't only sell their themes directly). 

They have very interesting themes and I really don't know why I choose Relive. I just found it downloaded at my comp while cleaning old stuff.  It looked very well coded, so I decided to try if developing would take more than 24 hours.  It took 15 hours, with making videos 3 days. Of course, not 15 hours at row, but during those 3 days. 

You can see result on my demo site



The features of Relive theme in e107 [1.0.0]:

  • minimialist design
  • retina-ready & responsive
  • demo import
  • carousel of news on homepage -  via news grid menu so all settings are on you
  • grid of news on homepage - again via news grid menu so you can set what news are displayed
  • custom header search (theme shortcode)
  • custom sidebar search (theme shortcode)
  • advanced sidebar with 4 types of menu areas
  • 5 layouts: homepage, sidebar bar, full, page and contact 
  • drop-down menu for main navigation 
  • one level footer menu for footer navigation
  • support for tagcloud plugin
  • customized news sharing shortcode
  • support for online menu, news categories menu, archive menu   
  • support for custom menu 

Future of Relive theme:

We did this theme to prove how easy is to create new theme for e107.  Or how to do it from HTML theme.  

You can find more info here:  https://www.e107.sk/news/view/39/themes/video-serie-about-creating-e107-theme

We have no more use of this theme.  This theme is now free and available to download.