History of Freelancer:

Freelancer theme for e107 is originally based on one-page HTML version from startbootstrap.com. This template has the same name Freelancer (Freelancer is a one-page Bootstrap portfolio theme for freelancers.)

You can see and compare HTML demo here: https://startbootstrap.com/template-overviews/freelancer/

Demo of e107 version 2.0.3 is here:  https://themes.e107.org/freelancer/

It was ported and customized for version 2.1.5 two years ago. Customization changed one page HTML template to multi-page version so you can fully use advantages of e107. It was thanks combination of scrolling with standalone pages. Last stable version with bootstrap 3 is version 2.0.4 tested with version 2.1.9 (2.2.0 git).

Features of Freelancer 2.0.4:

  • using Bootstrap 3.3.7 version (core version)
  • custom short-codes for contact form (form and fields)
  • custom short-codes for contact form (form and fields)
  • modal portfolio template using /chapter/page system to display page(portfolio) item in the modal window
  • custom short-code for social icons
  • custom short-code for profile image
  • demo content available, therefore just use it during theme installation
  • it has 3 different layouts (home, sidebar and full)
  • it works without an additional plugin.

Version 2.0.5:

- completely rewritten contact form. It used before custom PHP file with custom validation script. It caused a problem with plugin.  Now it fully works only with e107 core functionality.

This version is possible to download from e107.sk