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JMAdmin plugin

JMAdmin plugin

Extended functionality for e107 admin area

Display Main Menu titles

This functionality is now moved to the core. Version 2.3.1 only. You can set to display titles for main navigation in Site preferences.

Screenshot 2021 02 04 161058

It will be removed from JM Admin plugin version 1.3.x

Switch from tooltips to small labels

2.3.1 will add the option to display help/tooltip more ways

Display field help tips:

  • Disabled / no help is displayed (why?)
  • When hovering over the field (original way)
  • When hovering on a help icon to the left of the field. (new way, small help icon will be displayed if there is some help)

Because there is no option to display help as normal text, this functionality is still part of this plugin.

Screenshot 2021 02 04 172055

Load Bootstrap Colorpicker globally

JMAdmin plugin uses in-build bootstrap color picker (no need for separated plugin)

With OFF, it is loaded only for this plugin, with ON it can be used for another plugin in the admin area. 

Screenshot 2021 02 04 172458

White labeling Admin Dashboard

It will be supported in version 1.3.1.  

Screenshot 2021 02 04 172602

It works only for the admin layout style: flexpanel. 

Screenshot 172927