History of ReCaptcha Plugin

e107 has inbuilt image captcha system.  There is released Visual Captcha plugin that is not depended on third party.  But I couldn't get this plugin to work. 

Because I use ReCaptcha with my Nuke site and the adding it to twenty years old software wasn't so hard, I tried to do the same with new e107. I wouldn't be able to do it without already existing example of Visual Captcha plugin.

During time I needed to learn / find solution how to run more than 2 captchas on one page (if you use bootstrap user navigation with captcha on pages with captcha) and a lot of new things. 


Versions of ReCaptcha Plugin

Some time ago I was asked to "downgrade" this plugin for version 0.7.  I had to solve how to do it without new stuff (like Visual Captcha plugin does it). 

I didn’t know that it was possible only with opening new page and that there is already plugin for this solution. But as my favorite slogan says: “Never says that something is impossible, because you can always find a dummy/git who does it”, I managed it.

I have never use 0.7 before and this was customized version by Spinnet Planet. I can’t say how many times I said: wow!  They have better solved javascript and css including than new version has. 

And do you know what? It needed only little fix for core version 1.0.4. I really enjoyed to work with old version again.  

So now there 2 versions - for old version of e107 (0.7 + 1.0.4) and for new version. 


The Future of Recaptcha Plugin

The plugin uses the outdated php library. There is new version but again - why they had to change something so easy to so complicated structure?  Instead one file to have mix of files I don't need to have?

It's lucky that there is real developer who uses this plugin and he helped to improve original code. So, till it will work, I have no plans to change something.

There is available Github repository, so just create issue. The better if you know fix to it too.