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The Content of this category is just for registered members. Here are unfinished, not safe files, so I don't want share it freely. Nothing important is here, mainly files for forum discussion. 

schedule22 Feb 2019 : 23:14

JM Canonical plugin 1.4.5

Canonical plugin for solving double content on e107 site.  It's extended version of e107Inc Canonical plugin and it's tested on this site now.

schedule01 Aug 2018 : 11:18

Import news to gsitemap plugin

schedule24 Jul 2018 : 21:07

e107 Liveracers Live Widget

schedule02 Jul 2018 : 12:38

Spoiler plugin

schedule18 Jun 2018 : 15:57

Source code for post How to build simple plugin

schedule14 Jun 2018 : 13:19

Demo data Contact page for Industrial theme

schedule14 Jun 2018 : 13:10

Demo data testimonials for Industrial theme

schedule29 May 2018 : 22:48

KroozeArcade 8.0.1

Fixed version for PHP 5.6.  I don't have opportunity to test this more. I am not using it.