I know, everybody hates ads. But you dislike to pay for something too. I would like to give everything for free, but it's impossible because costs are too much. If you know how Google ads work, you know how to help. It's on you. I can detect income by country, so... Australia rocks now! Thanks

JM Download plugin

JM Download plugin

The plugin is under active development.  Use it only on your own risk. It's not released officially yet.

- waiting for the new version of metatag plugin.

JM Download plugin

18 Oct 2019 : 21:45

JM Canonical plugin 1.4.6

Canonical plugin for solving double content on e107 site.  It's extended version of e107Inc Canonical plugin and it's tested on this site now.

01 Aug 2018 : 11:18

Import news to gsitemap plugin

24 Jul 2018 : 21:07

e107 Liveracers Live Widget

02 Jul 2018 : 12:38

Spoiler plugin

18 Jun 2018 : 15:57

Source code for post How to build simple plugin

14 Jun 2018 : 13:19

Demo data Contact page for Industrial theme

14 Jun 2018 : 13:10

Demo data testimonials for Industrial theme

29 May 2018 : 22:48

KroozeArcade 8.0.1

Fixed version for PHP 5.6.  I don't have opportunity to test this more. I am not using it.