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e107 Gaia Collection [only Premium]

13 Sep 2019 : 09:32

Landing Zero 2 1.0.1

The multipage theme in 3 different colours for e107 2.2.2  

This theme is free for class Real e107 user

30 Aug 2019 : 14:10

SkyApp e107 Free Bootstrap Theme

SkyApp is based on SkyApp template created by Brad Traversy.  Now for version 2.2.1 fully compatible with new version.

This theme is free for class Real e107 user

10 Aug 2019 : 19:46

e107 OpenMind Pack 2.0.0

OpenMind Theme 2.2.1 + JM Theme 2.0.1 + JM Elements 2.2.0  tested on latest e107 2.2.1 version 

09 Apr 2019 : 23:14

e107 OpenMind theme

This is e107 theme based on HTML Open Mind theme. This HTML template is not part of the e107 theme. 

We offer free installation of this theme. 

14 Jul 2019 : 01:30

Freelancer Theme 4.0.0

The new version of Freelancer theme.  

This theme is free for class Real e107 user

01 Oct 2018 : 17:18

Relive e107 blog theme

This theme was used only for the video tutorial. 

13 Jun 2018 : 15:03

Industrial theme for e107 2.0

The most downloaded theme on this site.  Funny that nobody says anything about to fix this theme. It doesn't work? Your problem because I didn't know it is used.

12 Jun 2018 : 18:38

Nightvision 2 theme for e107

New porting of original HTML template for e107 bootstrap CMS.  

12 Jun 2018 : 14:42


This is Lite version, just elements from original HTML template. You can't remove ThemeWagon credit and check their licence.

09 Jun 2018 : 22:32


Old khatru themekhatru theme by Steve Dunstan with bootstrap support.