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JM Theme Plugin

JM Theme Plugin

The custom tool to manage layouts, custom headers and footers without coding. 

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SEO related plugins

SEO related plugins

This category is for plugins related to SEO. There is experimental plugin jm_canonical (underscore means that it's experimental) that solves a lot of things, sometimes ones that are not related to canonical URLs.  And you can't use it with metatag plugin.  

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JM Element plugin

JM Element plugin

The custom tool for building content.

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ReCaptcha plugin

ReCaptcha plugin

No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA Captcha replacement for the different versions of e107: 0.7.25 + 1.0.4,  version by Spinnet Plannet and new version 2.1.5+

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e107 plugins


e107 plugins - mostly made by somebody else and updated for new version of e107. Or too simple plugins without need separate category.

If plugin is in active development, it has separate the directory.

schedule29 Mar 2019 : 13:40

Signup Secure v1.4 by Oyabun

schedule26 Jul 2018 : 12:13

Random Avatar menu 0.2.3

schedule20 May 2019 : 23:05

Yandex Turbo Pages RSS feed - 2.2.3

The plugin adds RSS feeds for news and for selected pages

schedule07 Jan 2019 : 12:49

Advanced BBcodes

Fixed version for e107 bootstrap 2.0.

Fixed != Updated.

No php errors and everything seems to work, nothing more.

schedule08 Jun 2019 : 22:40

JM Google Ad plugin 1.1

schedule03 Aug 2018 : 13:25

Yandex metrica plugin for e107

schedule17 Oct 2018 : 12:59

Smartsuup Live Chat for e107

schedule29 Jul 2019 : 14:24

JM Core plugin 1.2.0

The version used on this site. It fixes some core limitation via the plugin, no core changes. Check Readme at first. 

schedule30 Nov 2018 : 18:40

Birthday plugin v 2.1.1

schedule29 Jul 2019 : 11:12

Links Page Plugin 2.3.3

Links Page For Displaying External Web Links by e107 Inc. It was the core plugin in version 1. It was updated for new version 2 in 2016. It's still maintained because there is still no alternative.