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JM Theme Plugin

The custom tool to manage layouts, custom headers and footers without coding. 

It is saving time tool for theme development. Any our future theme will use this plugin. Free or paid.

Layout custom fields Layout configuration Layout custom fields jmtheme.png

1 136.00kB 9
SEO related plugins

This category is for plugins related to SEO. There is experimental plugin jm_canonical (underscore means that it's experimental) that solves a lot of things, sometimes ones that are not related to canonical URLs.  And you can't use it with metatag plugin.  

Those plugins are free but they can be downloaded just by class JM Canonical plugin. The reason for this is to know who is using those plugins.  With this type of plugins, it's important to have an option to inform users about important changes. You can subscribe to this class in your settings.

Next development will continue with separating redirection part from JM Canonical and extend Metatag plugin to be able to work with JM Canonical URLs. In fact, JM Canonical shouldn't insert any meta tags in your header, it should be work of Metatag plugin. 

Extended instructions Category List Sitemap Categories Admin UI for sitemap entries

1 32.63kB 3
JM Element plugin

The custom tool for building content.

The easier way how to create site content and template elements.

Webticker menu example JM Elements Plugin Example Where to find element settings JM Elements Plugin Example JM Elements Plugin Example JM Elements Plugin Example

1 55.84kB 5
ReCaptcha plugin

No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA Captcha replacement for the different versions of e107: 0.7.25 + 1.0.4,  version by Spinnet Plannet and new version 2.1.5+

4 261.42kB 74
JM Download plugin

The first version 1.2 of this plugin is released. The plugin is used on this site too.  You can find the last version on Github. New version 1.3 is extending (with) metatag plugin.  This plugin is part of our SEO related plugins. You should be sure you use correct version of all those plugins. Github repository is a safe place where to check this.   

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New downloads
Name Date Author Size DL's Rating Get
Yandex Turbo Pages RSS feed - 2.2.3 20 May 2019 : 23:05 Jimako 62.70kB 6
0/5 : Not rated
Masthead plugin 1.0 16 May 2020 : 21:34 Jimako 160.81kB 0
0/5 : Not rated
Yandex metrica plugin for e107 03 Aug 2018 : 13:25 Jimako 6.03kB 23
0/5 : Not rated
Smartsuup Live Chat for e107 17 Oct 2018 : 12:59 Jimako 16.48kB 21
0/5 : Not rated
OnePage Plugin 27 May 2020 : 17:57 Jimako 36.46kB 0
0/5 : Not rated
JM Core plugin 1.9 29 Dec 2019 : 14:20 Jimako 53.19kB 7
0/5 : Not rated
Random Avatar menu 0.2.3 26 Jul 2018 : 12:13 Killerpope / Jimako 11.30kB 2
0/5 : Not rated
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