JM Theme plugin 2.0.1

JM Theme plugin 2.0.1

Author Jimako
Author website
Description This is paid plugin and it's needed for any our future theme.  

It helps to use custom header, footers and custom fields for your layouts. 

JM Theme plugin

Price is 20 EUR, it helps with developing a theme and limitate hardcoded stuff (like background images, maps etc).  

Supported themes:

- Gaia 1 Pro (tested with JM Theme version 1) 

- OpenMind 1 (tested with JM theme version 2.0.0 )

- Gaia 2 Pro (tested JM theme version 2.0.1)


If this plugin is part of your theme and you need to download it again, download version from theme pack. 


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Date Tuesday 09 April 2019 - 22:26:06
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  • Jimako
    1 week ago

    It's not free plugin. You need to have correct user class to be able to download it. Mostly it's part of paid theme.

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  • iHack
    3 weeks ago

    What this problem? Don't Acces Download ???

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