JM Google Ad plugin 1.1

JM Google Ad plugin 1.1

Author Jimako
Author website
Description This plugin allows inserting multiple google ads codes for your site.   

It's a very simple plugin. Now you need to do all visual setting in your Google Adsense account.  

Available shorcodes:

- if you use some script for warning users that they use Adblock and you would like they set it off because your site offers free content and this is minimum how they can thank you.   

- shortcode that you can use anywhere in menu or content. 

- ID is table's id, not google ad ID - it's the ID of record)

Global options:

Disable Adblock Code - code for users with Adblock. 
Disable Adblock Active - set on/off using Disable Adblock Code
Google Ads script  + Use script globally -  you can use this script globally or with single ads.  If you insert it here, don't forget to set it ON.
<span> <script async="" src="//"></script></span><span></span>

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