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Welcome Message on 04 Jun 2019

Light version:

The welcome message is supported. Table style wm was added. Because of the limitation of WM, you need to use HTML code in the content part.

Premium version:

Support for original WM will be probably left too. But it's planned to be replaced with elements.



Theme Options on 22 May 2019

Light version:

Default e107 theme preferences.  Just brand option.

Premium version:

For now, they are not planned. We will see.

Supported Single Pages on 05 Jun 2019

The list of tested single pages

Light version:

  • login.php
  • signup.php
  • sitedown.php 
  • gsitemap.php?show - by default
  • contact.php 










Premium version:

Coming soon

Supported Plugins on 05 Jun 2019

The list of tested plugins

Light version:

  • news plugin
  • forum plugin (by default)
  • gsitemap plugin (by default)
  • featurebox plugin (theme template)
  • links page plugin (by default)







Premium version:

Coming soon

Slider section on 04 Jun 2019

Light version:

Full-width image carousel with the feature box is supported. You can find an example in the original free version.  Thanks this feature box menu works too.  You can import data from separate XML file inside /install/custom/ folder.

Premium version:

Coming soon

Layout settings on 05 Jun 2019

Light version:

 In this theme, 2 headers are used. But their use is hardcoded for layout (you can't change them like in Premium version). 
Available Light layouts:
  • homepage
  • full
  • right-sidebar
  • singlesignup
  • singlecontact



Premium version:

Because with Premium version you can set any header and footer for any layout, this option will be added.
Layout raw will be added only if Premium theme will support Navbar Builder
Layout singlelogin will be added only for compability with our other themes (to be able use Theme Switcher)
Layout news will be added only if special blog page is needed.

Intro to e107 Soraki Theme on 05 Jun 2019

Installation on 12 May 2019

Installation of all our themes is similar, as soon as you know how to install e107 theme, there is n[...]

Light version:

Standard way. By download from e107.org or uploaded via FTP.  No plugins are required.  If you have never installed e107 theme via theme manager, check Gaia theme documentation

Premium version:

Manual installation via FTP. Premium plugins are needed.  See Gaia theme for more information.

Import demo content on 05 Jun 2019

Light version:

Demo content can be found in install.xml file.  If you miss some required plugins for demo import, it will end too soon. All demo data are separated in custom xml files too, so you can use Database / Tools Import Data functionality to import them later. 

  • featurebox - it's not part of install.xml because FB is not part of demo version anymore. But you can import it from install/custom/install_featurebox.xml file manually. 
  • welcome message
  • menus: 
    • news grid menu on homepage
  • core prefs
    • contact prefs (visibility, emailcopy, contacts, contactinfo)
Warning: if you install this theme on real site, don't import content, use import from custom install files. Or backup your prefs before.

Premium version:

Only on demand. It would be great to get money for developer licence back, but there are so many elements, that it's hard to port everything. 

Homepage Setup on 04 Jun 2019

Light version:

The homepage is done by Homepage layout. There is a prepared menu area for adding menus, but other parts are hardcoded - in fact, prepared for replacing with the editable version in Premium version.  Feature box was tested in the first version too.  You can reorder elements in theme.php file, you can change element content is a special file with HTML content.

Premium version:

JM Elements plugin support is planned.

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