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e107 Gaia Bootstrap Pro theme

HTML theme by Creative Tim ported for e107 CMS by Jimako

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Intro to e107 Gaia Theme

Basic information

e107 Gaia theme is e107 CMS theme based on Gaia Bootstrap3 HTML template by Creative Tim. The light version is not available anymore.
Important. After release e107 2.2.2 with the new way how to create e107 themes, Gaia will be rewritten together with the new versions of the theme plugins.  New download rules are planned for site members. 
New 27.9.2019.  Because Gaia Pack 2 wasn't fully compatible with Github version, new solution released under name Gaia pack 3 (Gaia 2.4 + JM Theme plugin 2.2.4).  Is not important anymore what core version is used and there is no need to rewrite this theme for version 2.2.2.   

Important for this fix is that folder layouts was renamed, so delete it manually if you just override files. 


Premium version:

HTML theme

e107 DEMO:


How to install this theme with demo content

This theme is not possible to install from directly.

Premium version:

This version is not possible to install from directly.

Manual Installation using FTP

- download zip packs from this site

- unzip them

- use an FTP client to access your host web server

- upload plugins to yoursite/e107_plugins

- upload theme to yoursite/e107_theme


clean install without leftovers from other themes (custom pages, menus etc)

- install the required theme plugins

- install the theme with demo content import

00:00 install e107 CMS

01:04 download needed plugins and theme

02:27 install plugins

03:02 install theme

03:11 import demo content

03:21 check result

Import demo content

How to import demo content?

All the required plugins for this theme should be installed and activated before importing demo content.
You can install demo content during theme activation.

Next option for advanced users is to use Tools / Database / Import xml file.

Full demo content is in file install.xml inside install folder. Specific for this theme is separated demo content in xml files (elements, pages, menus, news etc). So you can import only theme layouts or demo elements without changing other parts.

Layout settings

For layout setting, you need JM Theme plugin.  It looks a bit different now, but you can get idea from older video bellow.

HomePage setup

You should know what is FRONTPAGE and how to set homepage layout.
Possibility with homepage layout:

- change any other header with JM Theme plugin
- change any other footer with JM Theme plugin
- use any element on menuarea

In next version hardcoded elements in the homepage layout will be moved to demo content. For now open layout_homepage.php file and check/remove/reorder elements used there.

Welcome Message

The welcome message is not supported in this theme by default
The welcome message is hidden at the homepage layout.

If you want to use it, you can use inside the needed element.

This theme solves introduction different way.

Element - Image header

This element has 2 versions (templates) by default

You can use those elements anywhere on site, but they are most often used on homepage.
This element has 2 versions (templates)

Home - Grey Header


Freebie - Red Header


You can change texts, image, remove image etc.



Those are default elements added by demo installation. You can create your own ones too.

Element - Our Company

Element with heading, text and classic images (without hover and link)

Home Our company




There are more fields as it's needed. The shortcodes for all fields are displayed too to be able to change the template and add text fields if needed.

This element has ID first section to what image intro is scrolling after click on down arrow. If you change order or elements, you need to customize either anchor for down arrow button or section's ID.

Who we are

The same element only with 4 images (different template is used):

Element - Projects

There are prepared 2 different templates for text and gallery.

Home - Projects


You can set the different number of items.

Portfolio - Projects



In the demo only one set of values is used with both templates,

Specific for this element is hover effect on images with the possible link.

Element - Services

Some heading with icons
Available more templates:

Freebie - Our services


Index - Service Box


Index - Service Box Vertical


About us - Services


Pricing - Services


Element - Others

All section from Premium and Freebie HTML versions were prepared and templated. All are prepared as demo content.

Our team




Call to Action








Simple pricing







Style Guide

Media Queries Test